Why Greed is Great: Time to Create Your Money-Life Balance

Time to Create Your Money-Life Balance
  • Paperback: 85 pages
  • Publisher: Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt Ltd (28 May 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9351101185
  • ISBN-13: 978-9351101185
  • Product Dimensions:21.4 x 14.2 x 1.2 cm

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About the Book: Why Greed is Great: Time to Create your Money-Life Balance What is this book about? It all started with my friend asking me to write a book for him on what ticks money in general and financial planning in particular, both in a simple and user-friendly way. The need lay in the fact that there is a lot of ignorance on this matter, when its really very simple to understand. While people from the financial services industry may have a fairly decent understanding of the subject, for all others (which is an exponentially bigger audience) it lies within touching distance of rocket science. I have been fortunate to be associated with an industry which worships money. The experiential learning here is immense. How and when people respond to greed or fear, in itself, is a teacher. Different people react differently to these two emotions, under similar set of circumstances, at the same point of time. Ones perspective, ones reading of the situation drives ones response. Equanimity (quality of remaining calm and composed) is rarer than a blue moon. In an unending race of time, fear hands over the baton to greed which in turn hands it back to fear. And this cycle of emotions is what makes the market. Its my firm belief that the root of anxiety lies in the ambiguity about ones financial position, lack of organization of ones finances and poor understanding of how our inaction on financial matters effects our (family's) future. We have examples like Michael Jackson, Mike Tyson, M C Hammer, who were filthy rich at the peak of their careers and were in dire straits till last heard. There could be two causes for it, either their careers took a nosedive or their finances were mismanaged.The latter cause would include overspending and living beyond ones means. And given, that they had the talent and competence, the former looks a little tough to believe!!! This book mentions also the key ingredients required for acquiring peace of mind, financially.


Authored By:   Deepali Sen

Author Info:    Deepali is a financial planner by profession, She has recently co-founded Srujan Financial Advisers LLP, a firm set-up with the mission of helping clients define their relationship with money and find their own equilibrium with money. More specifically it sets them on track to achieve financial well-being through planning.This book aims to demystify the recipe to financial independence.

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