About Us


Deepali Sen is the founder partner of SRUJAN FINANCIAL SERVICES LLP which was she set up in September 2012. Srujan is a Sanskrit word for ‘to create’. Through Srujan, we aspire to create money-life balance in our clients’ lives and help them write their own equation with money. We strongly believe in the following quote by Billy Graham –“If a person gets his attitude towards money straight, it will help straighten out almost every other area in life”.?

She’s an MBA in Finance, a writer and a Certified Financial Planner practitioner with over sixteen years of experience in the corporate world. Out of which around thirteen years have been spent ?across mutual fund companies.

Deepali Sen has worked with Franklin Templeton Investments for nearly eight years across front line sales and business development function; she was with? ICICI Prudential AMC for a period of one and a half years managing relationships of private and foreign banks at the central level. In her last stint she was employed with Axis AMC Ltd. as Vice President- Banks & National Distributors. She was part of the founding team where she was for worked for more than three years. At Axis AMC she was responsible for ensuring that their products enjoyed top of the mind recall amongst various national distributors.

Her articles have been published in Free Press Journal, DNA and Mint newspapers. Writes on various matters of personal finance. She has been interviewed few times by The Economic Times, Mint and DNA newspapers on various relevant topics in the individual’s financial planning arena.

deepali sen

Her book – ‘Why greed is great’ recently got published. It explores the world of money management in a lucid manner. The book can either be purchased through www.flipkart.com , the link being http://goo.gl/dlwS4 or through www.amazon.in , the link being http://tinyurl.com/pbquwm2 . It showcases the psychology behind money making, our unique relationship with money and the equilibrium all of us seek to achieve. It emphasizes upon the need for financial planning through 12 life stories shedding light on the thumb-rules to follow and the landmines to avoid.


To create the right equilibrium between the money we have/make and the life we lead. Money as a tool should lead us to peace and happiness.



To be a household name by reaching far and wide while improving financial lives. We want to inspire individuals, to treat money with the reverence it deserves and use it as to tool to lead a wholesome and satisfying life.

Mission statement

  • Purpose being to improve financial lives for a large number of individuals
  • Value being to do what is right for the client and nudge them towards their financial freedom
  • Primary clients are individuals who want to optimize their investments and cut down on negative surprises on their financial goals
  • Responsibilities towards the clients’ is to make holistic changes in their life by offering simple solutions, stressing on discipline, guiding them to lead a fiscally prudent life and working transparently along with them in this journey of financial make-over.
  • We have created this firm to let the money the individuals earn and spend, the assets they own, the liabilities they shoulder and the goals they chase, to synergize and therefore serve them in the best possible way. Our endeavour is to offer simple solutions and inculcate a disciplined and well-organized approach to one’s financial life; ultimately adding value by providing peace and harmony in their life.
  • We aim to have 1000 delighted clients over the next 10 years. Our media activity, presentations to various groups like corporates, rotaries, associations and connects from existing clients will help us reach there.
  • As we travel on this journey our focus will be to offer customized solutions and to use technology effectively to convenience clients.